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What is Bubble Tea?

Learn more about this yummy drink!

Why is it called Bubble Tea?

The first Bubble Tea drinks, originating in Taiwan, around 1983, were shaken to mix the flavors. That created a frothy, foamy head with lots of “bubbles” in it!

Do all the drinks have tea in it?

Yes, about 10% of the drink is tea. However, you can have any drink made without tea, or – with MORE tea.

What are the black ball things at the bottom?

TAPIOCA (called BOBA or PEARLS).  They’re chewy like a soft gummy bear.

What are the Jellies?

The flavored jellies are made from the coconut meat. They’re cooked, diced up and flavored. They’re soft and slightly chewy like tapioca but not as squishy.

Do you have to put tapioca or jelly in the drinks?

No. You can have any drink without any added texture.

Our Menu

Different Flavors of Boba from Bobachine

Bubble Tea

Ramen from Bobachine


Coffee from Bobachine

Coffee and Hot Beverages


Ice Cream

More Than Boba

We also offer Caffé D’arte Espresso, locally made Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice cream and some tasty lunch.

About Bobachine

Founded by Sheila Locke, a Seattle native and tireless entrepeneur, who sees the glass as less than half full of tapioca and wants to fill up more. The biggest goal for Sheila is to bridge the bubble tea trend to a new level of recognition across a wide range of cultures.

Her success in business is as diverse as Bobachine’s menu. Sheila’s resume includes: starting a record company, two nightclubs, concert promotions, DJ services (she still spins), and twice earning the PRESIDENT’S AWARD for sales and service excellence from the Honda Motor Company. Her vision and energy provides the fuel for Bobachine’s future. Having too many “favorites” to choose from, Sheila recommends trying a different flavor every day and mixing two or three flavors!

Our healthy alternative!

What is Shakeology?

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Call our shop:  (206) 447-2622

While specializing in boba/bubble tea, we also offer Caffé D’arte Espresso, locally made Snoqualmie Gourmet Ice cream, and some tasty lunch.


Baguettes, fresh cooked Ramen noodles, Spam & Tofu Musubi, and spring rolls. Real quick. Real good.

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